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Daniel Parmley

Daniel Parmley

In December 2015, the time of year known for celebration and joy, 46-year-old Daniel Parmley of Wardsville, Missouri began a long road of recovery. Daniel suffered a compound fracture of his ankle, tibia and fibula after jumping out of a tree while hanging Christmas lights. The fracture required multiple surgeries including a fusion, but doctors were unable to cure the infections with rounds of IV antibiotics.

Daniel was left with a decision to endure another round of grafting and IV antibiotics or undergo amputation. With hopes that an aggressive approach would be the best course of action, he chose amputation.

In order to get back to his daily routines, Daniel chose Rusk Rehabilitation Center, a joint venture of HealthSouth and the University of Missouri – Columbia, for his prosthetic training and rehabilitation. During his time at the hospital, his experienced rehabilitation team worked with him on balance, weight transfer, increasing his comfort level when navigating a variety of terrains and wound care for his surgical site.

Each day, he anticipated his therapy sessions wondering what he would achieve. After four days of intensive, comprehensive therapy, Daniel walked out of Rusk Rehabilitation Center on his prosthetic leg only assisted by a cane.

Daniel is back to work as a director at the United States Department of Agriculture and is still working hard to get back to his prior level of activities. He looks forward to joining his two teenage sons in their athletics soon.

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